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New Breed is Mortal Prophets’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
This song immediately struck me from the first sound that seemed like a primal scream, a cry of rebirth.

New Breed is Mortal Prophets’ Single Out Now

 The syncopated and pressing rhythm accompanied by atmospheric keys immediately creates a futuristic halo around this song and it feels like you’re setting off on a unique interstellar journey.

The vocals come in at the 45-second mark, and the effect used is unlike anything I’ve heard before—a blend of male and female qualities that becomes almost indefinable.

The vocal attitude and metrics reminded me of 80s gothic rock, particularly bands like Christian Death, yet set within a very modern sound atmosphere.

John Beckmann’s strong point is precisely that of researching sounds and finding innovative solutions that distinguish his compositional style.

The song as it began ends with that enigmatic atmosphere and that scream that makes you want to press the play button once again.

The accompanying video is a blend of past and future, reminiscent of “2001: A Space Odyssey” when the monkeys discover the monolith, symbolizing a quantum leap in evolution.

This video transitions from the past, with something emerging from the universe that propels humanity forward.

The saturated colors, especially the oranges, enhance the song’s psychedelic aspect, while the kaleidoscopic effects underscore the theme of evolution.

John Beckmann aims to provide a complete experience for his listeners, and with this release, he certainly succeeds. A beautiful song that I highly recommend to everyone.

New Breed is Mortal Prophets’ Single Out Now!


New Breed is Mortal Prophets’ Single Out Now

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