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New Noir Songs and Projects Coming Soon

Hello Noir Family,

we are here to keep you tuned about some projects we are working on right now. We are excited and inspired and everyday we try to create something artistically valuable for the world.

Maybe we are not always able to deliver what you are expecting from us but be sure that in everything we do we put our heart, body, and brain. We love E.A.Poets, the band is something more that a band, we are a family and you are all invited to be part of it… Lop is willing to cook some cookies for all of you guys (LOL)…so join the mailing list.

We are working on two new songs, the rough titles are: Wound Wont Cry and Hollywood Backyard, of the second one we already have a video directed by ChrisIs.

Edgar Allan Poe, Alfred Hitchcock and the Noir Style are always a big inspiration because we are literally fascinated by those atmospheres and we always try to recreate and put in music those feelings and emotions.

We have been chosen also as testimonials for a very important project, if everything works we will be shooting a music video in the Skid Row of Los Angeles that, as you probably know, it is a really inspiring place. If you don’t know anything about the Skid Row we suggest you to check out the Midnight Mission here: https://www.midnightmission.org/. We have been playing in the past at the Midnight Mission as you can see in this picture and it was an incredible experience “The people who have less always give you more“.

Edgar Allan Poets live at the midnight mission

So keep on showing up because soon we will have some great stuff for you and always remember that “it is only real when it is dark“.
Stay Noir and healthy dear Ravens

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