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Newwave is Kreajours’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Kreajours’s single Newwave is an ethereal and psychedelic track that is fascinating and immersive.

Newwave is Kreajours’ Single Out Now

The vocals are so seamlessly blended into the mix that you feel like they are an integral part of the music itself.

This innovative approach to mixing creates a unique sound that is sure to transport you to another world.

The song’s overall sound is characterized by crisp, crystalline high frequencies that accentuate the crashes of the drums.

This emphasis on the high end creates a sense of air and spaciousness that is reminiscent of the vastness of the American landscapes.

If you close your eyes while listening to Newwave, you can almost feel yourself soaring above the endless expanse of the prairies, carried by the music’s ethereal melody.

The song’s blend of psychedelia and driving rhythms is reminiscent of the sounds of Placebo, Massive Attack, and Fat Boy Slim coexisting together.

Kreajours is a band that is pushing the boundaries of sound, and Newwave shows their creativity and talent.

NEWWAVE is Kreajours’ Single Out Now!


Newwave is Kreajours’ Single Out Now

Kreajours is comprised of four talented individuals, each with a unique pseudonym. Campfire, the band leader, lends his voice and expertise to guitar and drums. London Boy, another integral member, contributes vocals, guitar, and bass. Seany Soundscapes specializes in synthesizers, while Parentheses showcases versatility with vocals, guitar, and bass.

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