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Nicotine Hallelujah is Päter’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Prepare to be entranced and carried away by the captivating musical journey that Päter has crafted in their latest release, “Nicotine Hallelujah.”

Nicotine Hallelujah is Päter’s Single Out Now

This track is an instant earworm that will undoubtedly find a permanent residence in your mind, leaving an indelible mark with its infectious melody and impeccable production.

From the very first note, “Nicotine Hallelujah” grabs hold of your attention and refuses to let go. The songwriting is nothing short of exceptional, showcasing Päter’s keen ability to construct a composition that effortlessly weaves together layers of sound.

The transitions between sections are seamless, demonstrating a level of craftsmanship that speaks volumes about the artist’s compositional experience and artistic vision.

The heart of the track lies in the remarkable vocals, delivered with a solid and emotive quality that adds depth and resonance to the lyrics.

Päter’s voice is rich and evocative, carrying the listener through the emotional landscape of the song. Every note is executed with precision and passion, enhancing the overall impact of the track.

One of the standout features of “Nicotine Hallelujah” is the thoughtfully arranged instrumentation. Päter has left no stone unturned in ensuring that every musical element serves a purpose, contributing to the song’s overall atmosphere and impact.

The production quality of “Nicotine Hallelujah” is nothing short of professional, exhibiting a level of polish that is often associated with chart-topping hits.

The mix is balanced flawlessly, allowing each instrument and vocal layer to shine without overpowering one another. This mastery of production adds an additional layer of allure to the track, making it an auditory delight from start to finish.

Nicotine Hallelujah is Päter’s Single Out Now!


Nicotine Hallelujah is Päter’s Single Out Now

Päter (Iran-born, Toronto-based Parmida Kakavand) pulls together a larger than life persona from scraps. After grabbing the attention of listeners internationally by sharing snippets of songwriting online, Päter’s debut single ‘Dam, Damn’ racked up nearly 2,000,000 streams on Spotify alone.

Following on the heels of that success, Päter released two EPs, the self-produced ‘SOLE’ (2020) and ‘WHEREFORE WEEP I THEN?’ (2021), an EP on unrequited love. Along with both EPs came an eclectic string of self-directed visuals ranging from a climate disaster fever dream to a forlorn backstage romance with a cow. Päter describes their sound as indie pop/rock drama, living somewhere between scrappy rock and emotionally charged storytelling. Their latest single ‘Four Walls’, a high octane indie rock track about bedroom content making, heralds in a new era for the artist. Podcart described the track as ” a celebration of the power of stepping outside one’s own head”

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