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Night Highway is Art Police’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Art Police sets the mood for a late-night adventure with their charming single, “Night Highway.”

Night Highway is Art Police’s Single Out Now

The song opens with a mesmerizing arpeggio, immediately weaving a cool and enigmatic atmosphere.

This is quickly followed by a driving guitar strum and a chord progression that pulls you into the band’s unique musical realm – a place suspended between reality and dream.

The mellow, dusky ambiance evokes the feeling of cruising down a highway bathed in moonlight. The vocals blend with the instrumentation, creating a soundscape that allows you to visualize every detail the lyrics describe.

It’s an intimate and nostalgic experience, perfect for those introspective moments when you just want to lose yourself in thought.

Art Police proves that less can be more with “Night Highway.” The arrangement is intentionally minimalist, yet it perfectly complements the song’s vibe. Every note feels deliberate and contributes to the overall hypnotic effect.

“Night Highway” is an introspective journey best experienced on a long drive or during a quiet night in. It’s a song for those who find solace in wandering, both physically and emotionally.

Night Highway is Art Police’s Single Out Now!


The band plays original material in the indie- and post-rock genres. Night Highway is featuring Aleksey Khristolyubov & Koquerocks

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