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No One Needs To Cry is Terry K 3TL’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Terry K 3TL but he is out now with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

As soon as I hit the play button I liked this new tune from this talented artist.

Terry K 3TL’s compositional style this time takes inspiration from the past and reminded me of legendary artists such as John Mellencamp, Neil Young, Bob Dylan.

This music exudes purity and honesty and manages to speak directly to the soul and heart of the listener.

The passion with which this artist interprets the lyrics literally makes you believe in the words of this beautiful song.

The new single No One Needs To Cry is nostalgic, deep, and mysterious.

The production is flawless and in particular the mix that leaves the right space for each sound element and the song breathes well.

A nice discovery that I recommend to everyone.

No One Needs To Cry is Terry K 3TL’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Refined!


“No One Needs To Cry” is the fourth track to be included in Tell Me A Story album expected in Spring 2022. The ethos behind single and music style is the 20/20 reflective nature of love. It is a song about getting and giving second chances and at least trying to get things right. Written from the artist’s personal perspectives, the lyrics reflect the thoughts and emotions experienced at the end of a love interest.

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