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Nostalgic Escapism is Saasz’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Saasz’s album “Nostalgic Escapism” is a hypnotic musical journey that introduces listeners to an artist unafraid to tread unexplored musical paths.

Nostalgic Escapism is Saasz’s Album Out Now

The enchanting voice of Saasz creates a sensation akin to Ulysses hearing the alluring chants of mermaids for the first time.

The music emanates a futuristic quality as if it carries a hidden, coded message from beyond. “Nostalgic Escapism” invites listeners on an introspective journey through the intricate maze of human emotions.

The production is intriguing, with the effects on Saasz’s voice acting as a captivating hook. The ethereal halo surrounding the music almost feels like a spell, drawing the audience into its unique atmosphere.

Saasz communicates with the audience in a distinctive and unparalleled manner, offering a truly unique sonic experience.

The album showcases an artist with a profound message, and the way Saasz connects with the audience sets her apart in the musical landscape.

This is an artist worth following closely, as her ability to produce quality songs and create an immersive, emotive experience through music is evident in “Nostalgic Escapism.”

Saasz’s work is not just about the music; it shows her artistic vision and the depth of emotion she brings to her compositions.

Nostalgic Escapism is Saasz’s Album Out Now!


Nostalgic Escapism is Saasz’s Album Out Now

Nostalgic Escapism aims to a past that as much as it can be nostalgic, you also want to escape. The first half is dedicated to internal issues, conflictions with one self and views of the world. Each song after Alternate Reality which is the song used to “escape” touches subjects on finding hope, trust, self love and self discovery (as mentioned in Retro Mind).

The whole album was done from my living room and I produced it independently. A bit about me… I am currently 28, live in the UK and originally born in Brazil. I wanted to sing since I was a child and this is the first time I fully committed to going after it. I hope to inspire anyone who can relate to this album.


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