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Not 63 days without a note is Leonardo Barilaro’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Leonardo Barilaro but he is out now with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

This new tune from this great artist impressed me a lot.

The pressing rhythm and the hypnotic and sometimes sinister melody somehow unsettled me and for a moment the reality around me seemed unstable.

It is as if the sounds and the harmonic lines chosen and created by Leonardo Barilaro hide a secret code, the key to open your third eye, and finally see the truth.

I had been very impressed by the compositional skills of this artist from the very first time I listened to his music.

With Not 63 days without a note, my feelings have been reconfirmed.

Since we are living a very sad and unstable moment for the world, I believe that Leonardo Barilaro was able to transfer these feelings of uncertainty and restlessness within his music.

Absolutely reconfirmed!

Not 63 days without a note is Leonardo Barilaro’s Single Out Now!



Ukraine? – There are tragedies touching us more than others, or because we have family and friends involved or due to geographic location and links with history. What never changes is the straight fact that people are dying. And that others make a profit feeding the smokescreen of ignorance.
Pianist and aerospace engineer Leonardo Barilaro releases ‘Not 63 days without a note.’, dark and yet hopeful piece for piano and synth, where the low percussive frequencies of the piano are merged with the sound of a scratchy hang drum.

The artwork of the single features Ukrainian dancer and model Victoria Kryukova. The concept of the photo, created by Nadya Ozdemir, perfectly represents the overwhelming feeling of these days in 2022.
Leonardo and Victoria collaborated in several projects during the last 2 years. The videoclip is simple, with Leonardo the Space Pianist playing the piano and the synth in a very dark environment, with a very weak blue source of light.

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