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Not Enough is Repeat’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Repeat’s latest single, “Not Enough,” is a thunderous musical experience.

Not Enough is Repeat’s Single Out Now

The band’s fusion of Punk, Grunge, and Metal elements creates an intriguing blend that is intense and epic.

From the moment the song kicks off, it hits the listener like an avalanche.

The relentless energy propels the track forward, with the drums driving the rhythm like a heartbeat, the bass providing a solid foundation, and the guitars unleashing wild, electrifying riffs.

The combination of Punk, Grunge, and Metal influences results in a truly unique sound, drawing listeners in with its raw and unapologetic authenticity.

The vocal performance on the track is particularly notable, with the singer’s timbre adding epicness to the song’s lyrics.

The direct and raw energy of the vocals perfectly complements the intensity of the music, creating a powerful sonic experience that demands to be heard.

With its pressing energy and infectious hooks, one play is Not Enough so you must click that Repeat button again 🤟

Not Enough is Repeat’s Single Out Now!



Repeat is a Stoner rock/punk band from Sweden. They released their debut album “Repeat” last autumn. The album got praise from tastemaker media both in Sweden and internationally.

“Not Enough” a single that introduces the next album “Rat Race” continues on the band’s previous track, a two-minute explosion of overdriven guitars, propelling bass, and aggressive drums, all with a “hook”.

Repeat says: “We were pleasantly surprised by the attention the debut album received in Sweden and internationally. Since we already had a number of additional songs more or less finished, we immediately went back to the studio, once again with Joakim Lindberg as producer. The result was nine new songs, at a total of eighteen minutes. We really prefer the short format and most of the album was recorded in live takes.

The album “Rat Race” will be released on June 7 digitally as well as onn vinyl and  cassette. The album was produced by Joakim Lindberg in Studio Sickan in Malmö during January 2024. It was mastered by Magnus Lindberg in Redmount Studios.

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