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Not Getting Drunk, Not Getting High is Jonathan Brenner’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jonathan Brenner’s latest single, “Not Getting Drunk, Not Getting High,” is an intense ode that delves into the complexities of life, wrapped in a warm embrace of Americana-infused melodies.

Not Getting Drunk, Not Getting High is Jonathan Brenner’s Single Out Now

Brenner’s vocal delivery is solid, possessing a unique timbre that draws listeners into the story told through the song’s lyrics.

With a wealth of experience evident in his craft, Brenner showcases his talent as a seasoned songwriter.

What stands out most is his delicate balance between traditional American music influences and more mainstream genres, creating a sound that feels familiar and refreshingly new.

The song itself is masterfully composed, boasting a solid chord progression and impeccable arrangements. Particularly noteworthy are the strings, which add a nostalgic touch to the overall ambience of the track.

At its core, “Not Getting Drunk, Not Getting High” is a heartfelt homage to one of life’s most influential figures: the father and his words, suggestions and mistakes that will resonate with us forever and shape the men we are today.

Through Brenner’s intense storytelling, the song evokes a range of emotions, from tender nostalgia to profound introspection.

Brenner can harness the power of music to convey deep and resonant emotions.

Not Getting Drunk, Not Getting High is Jonathan Brenner’s Single Out Now!


Jonathan Brenner is an Atlanta-based singer-songwriter who defies easy classification. Described as “somewhere between New York and Nashville,” his music is a unique amalgam of genres, including pop, country, folk, Americana, and jazz. His musical influences include Hank Williams, Sr., Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, James Taylor, Cole Porter, Tom Lehrer, and Antônio Carlos Jobim.

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