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Not The End is Strangely Alright’s Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Strangely Alright are unstoppable and back with a new track…are you ready for this experience?

Not The End is Strangely Alright’s Single

As soon as you hit the play button, a cool 70s energy pervades the room. This music charges you and awakens your most rock spirit.

If this song was composed by the Stones it would be one of their workhorses, loved by the masses around the world.

This is the charm of music, there are bands that make fantastic songs but that may never be recognized by people.

Fortunately, Strangely Alright already have an audience of their own but they deserve much more as they produce top-quality music capable of entertaining the listener with their engaging sound.

Not The End is a solid, direct and sincere track with no strings attached and once again demonstrates the compositional skills of this great band.

Fantastic as usual!

Not The End is Strangely Alright’s Single Out Now!

Pure Rock!

Not The End is Strangely Alright’s Single

Strangely Alright are sonic time-travelers. They paint paisley patterned pictures that shimmer with the 60’s mercurial blend of darkness and innocence, they mesh psychedelia and pop melodies together, they run rock muscle through the most danceable of tunes and they are the perfect blend of past and present. Their reference points, early Floyd’s whimsy, later Beatles experimentalism, Bolan-esque strut, as well as later retro-revivalists such as Redd Kross and Jellyfish, might suggest that they spend their time glancing back to past glories. But they are here NOW.

Not The End reminds of The Stones – simple structure, killer riffs, an understated pace that sounds twice as fast as it actually is, choruses that you will be singing along to from the start – and that can only be a good thing. And the reason that this doesn’t sound as infused with the usual 60’s flavors, is because bands such as the Stones, and those who came afterwards, collectively kept that incendiary sound alive

Strangely Alright know the difference between rock and rock ‘n’ roll. The former is loud for the sake of it, lumpen, bombastic and to full of its own importance. Rock ‘n’ roll grooves. It swings. It swaggers. It has an attitude but is more fixated on having fun. It invites you to dance rather than to stand around looking menacing or important or knowledgable. It is music for girls AND boys. The Stones had it, The Stooges had it, The Clash had it, The Black Crowes had it. And Strangely Alright have it. And then some!

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