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Not The One is No Drinks For Jimmy’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
No Drinks For Jimmy’s latest single, “Not The One,” marks a return of their sincere and direct musical style, delivering an energetic punch.

Not The One is No Drinks For Jimmy’s Single Out Now

The immediate appeal of the song lies in the fantastic guitar riff that establishes a cool rock pattern, capturing the listener’s attention from the start.

I was surprised by the pre-chorus, where the band introduces a melody that takes unexpected turns, reminiscent of Alice in Chains with a subsequent transformation in the chorus into something akin to the Foo Fighters.

This blend of influences adds intrigue to this tune, showcasing the band’s ability to merge different musical elements.

The collision of 80s vibes with a more modern approach creates a distinctive sound that places their music in a unique musical limbo.

The fusion of these elements contributes to the band’s signature style, making them stand out in the contemporary music landscape.

The band’s sound is both nostalgic and refreshingly modern and it is a must listen for all the real rock lovers.

Not The One is No Drinks For Jimmy’s Single Out Now!



No Drinks For Jimmy emerged from the vibrant musical scene in Baltimore, Maryland with a mission to break musical boundaries and redefine the conventional. Comprised of Kurt Lobdell (Vocals), Joe Chichetti (Guitar), Dan Wilson (Bass), and Doug Wilson (Percussion) this eclectic group brings together diverse musical backgrounds, creating a sound that transcends genres and resonates with a wide audience.

From their early days jamming in local garages to their current status as a force to be reckoned with, No Drinks For Jimmy has always been driven by a passion for creating music that is both innovative and authentic. The band’s sound is a kaleidoscope of influences, blending elements of rock, punk, and pop music to craft a musical experience that is uniquely their own. With a reputation for delivering high-energy performances and a magnetic stage presence, No Drinks For Jimmy has built a dedicated fan base. Their previous releases, including the EP ‘Find The Fourth’ (2017) and full-length album ‘Verse•Chorus•Rise’ (2021), have garnered critical acclaim and established them as trailblazers in the independent rock music scene.

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