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Nothing Right is Coma Beach’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Coma Beach’s single “Nothing Right” encapsulates the essence of raw punk rock, pulsating with an undeniably pure and direct sound that resonates deep within.

Nothing Right is Coma Beach’s Single Out Now

The track embodies an unapologetic and rebellious energy that stirs primal instincts and awakens the wild spirits of listeners.

With a fast-paced tempo, “Nothing Right” launches into an audacious sonic journey from the very beginning.

The song’s relentless rhythm drives the listener forward, mirroring the urgency and intensity of classic punk rock.

Coma Beach effectively captures the unrefined essence of punk’s golden era, drawing inspiration from the anarchic punk movements of the 70s and 80s.

At the core of the track lies an unbridled instinct that fuels the unrelenting drive of the music.

This primal energy is palpable, making it evident that Coma Beach is deeply connected to the raw, unfiltered roots of punk.

The unapologetic attitude and irreverence of the song pay homage to the rebellious spirit that has defined punk music for generations.

“Nothing Right” boasts a solid and sturdy musical foundation that serves as a vessel for the band’s unbridled expression.

The rawness of the production adds to the authenticity of the experience, allowing the listener to connect with the band’s ethos on a visceral level.

Coma Beach’s ability to channel their inspirations from the punk movements of the past while infusing their own modern twist is commendable, as it showcases a deep understanding and appreciation for the genre’s history.

Nothing Right is Coma Beach’s Single Out Now!

Direct and Solid!

Nothing Right is Coma Beach’s Single Out Now

“Nothing Right” is track #2 from our album “The Scapegoat’s Agony” and the second single after “Jesus’ Tears”. The album title is an allusion to the play “Waiting for Godot” by Irish playwright and novelist Samuel Beckett and points towards the – for the most part – painful and excruciating emotional odyssey of the unnamed antihero.

Synopsis for “Nothing Right”: Taking stock of his deeply lamentable existence so far, the unnamed antihero erupts into a harrowing scream of anguish and disbelief.

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