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Numb is Twelve Days in June’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
“Numb,” the new single from Twelve Days in June (the musical project of Dave Hulegaard), hits you with an immediate intensity.

Numb is Twelve Days in June’s New Single

 The intricate chord progressions and driving bass (especially in the verses) recall the alternative rock giants of the 90s – Staind, Soundgarden, and Smashing Pumpkins all come to mind.

This creates a powerful musical universe that’s nostalgic and fresh.

I greatly enjoyed this track’s throwback vibes, and I felt transported back to a time when “music was more real and direct.”

Hulegaard’s vision as an artist shines through, evident in the song’s tight construction and infectious rhythm. There is a hypnotic quality of the drums and guitars following the bass’s lead, creating a sonic trance.

The vocals are “intense and passionate,” perfectly capturing the song’s emotional core. This intensity conveys a sense of paranoia, leaving the listener in a charming state of unease.

Overall “Numb” is a powerful and engaging track that pays homage to the alternative rock sound of the 90s, while offering something new and exciting.

Numb is Twelve Days in June’s New Single!


Turning back the clock & kicking down the door to the golden age of 90s alternative, Twelve Days in June is the studio project of Schenectady, New York’s Dave Hulegaard. Self-described as a “throwback” artist, Dave is a spiritual successor to the wide array of 90s bands who shaped his youth, crafting melodic rock songs with introspective lyrics examining the often-unbalanced human experience.

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