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Numb Numb Numb is My Life Story’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
welcome to Edgar Allan Poets indie music corner. A space dedicated to the best new artists and bands we find around the web. Today’s feature band is My Life Story and their single Numb Numb Numb.

Numb Numb Numb is My Life Story’s Single Out Now

As soon as I watched the video of this song with scenes taken from the silent movies of the past I was drawn to know more about this band…a world opened up before me.

We are faced with a musical project with an incredible story behind it. My Life Story enjoyed great success in the 90s and this experience stands out in their refined way of composing songs.

After a long period of silence this fascinating band returns with the single Numb Numb Numb. A catchy alternative rock tune…this melody will echo in my head for a long time.

My favorite aspect of this band is that they have created a unique blend of sounds that set them apart from all other artists.

The production is impeccable and the performance by all musicians is masterful.

I instantly became a fan of this musical project.

My Life Story produces quality songs and I recommend everyone to go listen to them.

Numb Numb Numb is My Life Story’s Single Out Now!


Numb Numb Numb is My Life Story’s Single Out Now

My Life Story became a pioneering force in the Britpop movement scoring 6 UK top 40 singles and a top 40 album inspiring the era’s orchestral identity.

Combining playful lyrics with epic pop, MLS formed in Southend in 1984. By the early 90s, lead singer Jake Shillingford had grown the band into a flamboyant orchestral 11 piece with string and brass section. Their passionate, often chaotic live shows lead to Giles Martin (The Beatles) recording tracks for their debut album Mornington Crescent after discovering them at the Marquee.

Signed to Parlophone in 1996, the band released The Golden Mile which spawned most hit singles inc 12 Reasons Why I Love Her. Joined Up Talking followed on Andrew Lloyd Webber’s It Records in 2000, featuring sixth hit single, It’s A Girl Thing.

Many collaborations followed inc. Morrissey, Marc Almond and The Wonderstuff. MLS performed Glastonbury Pyramid stage and Reading Festival 4 times. They supported Blur, Pulp, Carter USM and are one of the only bands to headline over Oasis.

By 2001 the band ceased all touring & recording. The 00s saw a number of sporadic celebratory reunion shows at Shepherds Bush Empire but by 2016, Shillingford wished to tour more frequently retiring the orchestral ensemble.

A single, 24 Hour Deflowerer, written with long time collaborator Nick Evans lead to a 2 year run of 90s nostalgia festival shows. This boost in profile spawned the fan funded album; World Citizen, released in 2019 to wide-ranging critical acclaim.

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