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Ocean Blue is Ray Johnson’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ray Johnson’s single “Ocean Blue” is an emotionally charged and profound ballad that resonates deeply with the listener.

Ocean Blue is Ray Johnson’s Single Out Now

Johnson’s ability to convey the emotions embedded within the lyrics is truly remarkable, making it easy for the audience to connect with the song on a personal level.

“Ocean Blue” possesses a magical quality that transports listeners to a serene coastal scene. Closing your eyes while listening to this song allows you to vividly imagine the vast expanse of the ocean right before your eyes.

One of the standout features of “Ocean Blue” is its minimalistic yet highly effective musical arrangements.

The simplicity of the instrumentation allows Johnson’s vocals and the song’s message to take center stage, intensifying the emotional impact of the track.

Ray Johnson’s music conveys a sense of connection with something larger than life, hinting at a profound relationship with the universe.

This spiritual and introspective dimension adds depth and complexity to his work, making it more than just music but a spiritual journey for both the artist and the listener.

Ray Johnson’s music transcends mere entertainment and invites listeners to explore deeper emotions with refined melodies

Ocean Blue is Ray Johnson’s Single Out Now!


The 3rd album release “Appealing To Angels”, released on August 18th, 2023 “ has taken hold and the 2nd single from the album, “Ocean Blue”, continues to build a solid listener base since the album release.

Since the August release of “Appealing To Angels”, “Ocean Blue” has experienced a steady growth in listeners worldwide. People throughout the music streaming world are discovering the creative efforts and musical/lyrical stylings of singer/songwriter Ray Johnson.

“Ocean Blue” is drawing interest not only from fans but also from numerous playlist curators on Spotify, media blogs, internet radio stations and TV and film. Overall interest continues to grow. Below are quotes from some recent playlist curators, media blogs and radio stations and their thoughts on “Ocean Blue”

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  1. Thanks for the outstanding review. I will always look to you for an honest assessment of my work and understanding of my musical contributions.

    Regards, Ray Johnson/Soon To Be Famous Publishing LLC

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