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Ocean Creatures is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Ep & Video Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jane N’ The Jungle are back with a new Ep and video for the single Ocean Creatures…are you ready for this magical experience?

The wonderful sound of this band is reconfirmed in this Ep.

The epic vibes of their songs are contagious and take hold of the emotions floating inside you. When you listen to these beautiful tunes you are literally mesmerized and hypnotized by this music.

The interpretative energy of the singer and the precision of the musicians make this music refined and mature.

As if that weren’t enough, Jane N ‘The Jungle also made a beautiful video for the song that gives the title to the EP “Ocean Creatures”. A psychedelic video that perfectly describes the atmosphere of this song. Obviously blue is the color that predominates making you think of the ocean … even on a visual level the work of this band is impeccable.

We are faced with true professionals who deserve the success they are achieving.

Ocean Creatures is Jane N’ The Jungle’s Ep & Video Out Now!



What happens when you mix restlessness, angst, distorted guitars, soaring vocals, theatrics, and a penchant for loud rock music with an unquenchable thirst to escape the dry-ass desert? Enter female-fronted power rock trio, Jane N’ The Jungle. With over one million streams on Spotify with editorial playlisting on All New Rock, Fierce Femmes and Women of Rock Radio, the group released their EP Ocean Creatures on 3/11/2022 and title track video with a bang. The collection of unapologetic rock songs was produced by Chuck Alkazian with visuals provided by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera (NIN, Corey Taylor). Hailing from Phoenix, AZ, the hook-laden rock band on the rise consists of fierce dynamic modern rock with 90’s alt and a twist of punk attitude, pulling inspiration from Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins, and No Doubt. With this body of work and the return of touring (fingers crossed), front-woman/songwriter Jordan White, guitarist Brian Dellis, and bassist Bryan Dague aka “Big B” are poised to be on the radar of every rock fan across the globe in short order.

The title track “Ocean Creatures” dropping with the EP is the final installment and combines two worlds from the depths of the oceans to the heights of space that are interwoven. The EP was born from vocalist Jordan White’s out of body experience she felt after being hit by a red light driver: stuck in a moment that she thought she was going to die. White explains, “I couldn’t identify the sensation; it was like imagining ocean creatures flying in space thinking that they were probably angels. That’s the imagery that came to mind when writing the song.”

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