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Oh mi da dey di is Jeff Vidov’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jeff Vidov’s latest single, “Oh mi da dey di,” bursts forth with a contagious energy that’s impossible to resist.

Oh mi da dey di is Jeff Vidov’s Single Out Now

From the get-go, the track exudes positivity, serving as a musical antidote to the world’s challenges.

What strikes immediately is the absence of a lengthy intro; instead, Vidov plunges us headfirst into a vibrant melody.

It’s the kind of tune that will echo in my head long after the song has ended, begging to be hummed or sung along to.

Vidov’s intricate rhythmic patterns and chord progressions add layers of depth and complexity, showcasing his undeniable musical talent.

The rhythmic backbone is fantastic, driven by the relentless pounding of drums. From start to finish, the rhythm section maintains a propulsive energy that keeps the listener engaged and moving to the beat.

It’s impossible not to feel swept up in the song’s infectious groove, making it perfect for a sing-along session with friends or a solo dance party in your living room.

Beyond its undeniable catchiness, “Oh mi da dey di” is also therapeutic. In a world filled with uncertainty and turmoil, this track serves as a much-needed source of positivity and upliftment.

Its joyful melodies and rich arrangements offer a welcome escape, transporting listeners to a place of joy and optimism.

“Oh mi da dey di” would feel right at home on the soundtrack of a Disney movie. It’s the kind of song that inspires hope and reminds us of the power of music to uplift the spirit.

Oh mi da dey di is Jeff Vidov’s Single Out Now!


Oh mi da dey di is Jeff Vidov’s Single Out Now

“Oh mi da dey di” was inspired by the feeling of community he has felt through the joy and comradery at choir. It calls on us to be better than ourselves, help others and make a difference. The song is part of the new Neorock movement building in Toronto and elsewhere—a return of rock music with thought provoking lyrics, high positive energy, and a large contribution from the full orchestra on every song—the orchestra being an equal member of the band playing its own individual parts different from the rest of the band. The title came from vocal warmups Jeff does with his choir every week for the last 15 years where the choir
works on vowels and scales at the beginning of rehearsals.

Canadian born composer/pianist Jeff Vidov first attracted attention by winning the SOCAN Composer’s Award for his first orchestral work “AWAKEN” in 1994. Jeff received his BM as a scholarship student at the prestigious Eastman School of Music (one of the top music schools in the USA) and his Masters degree at the Manhattan School of Music and had numerous private lessons with Pulitzer Prize winning composers Christopher Rouse and Joseph Schwantner, as well as eminent composers Samuel Adler, Warren Benson, Richard Danielpour and Robert Morris and learned vocal technique for 3 years from Donald Neuen.

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