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Olympians II is Bassmaster’s New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

Good Day Noir Family,
our “Edgar Allan Poets’ Artists/Bands We Like” section is dedicated to Bassmaster and his new Album Olympians II. I found this artist on Spotify and was mesmerized by his musical vision.

Olympians II is Bassmaster’s New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

There is no doubt, this artist comes from the future.

His music brings with it a code capable of upgrading the human brain. The creativity of this artist is undeniable. His compositional style is full of influences and nuances.

The thing I liked the most is that this sound hides something sinister … a secret maybe.

Bassmaster’s artistic vision is so original that in some moments his style reminded me of black metal. Obviously, we are talking about a completely different style.

While listening to these beautiful songs I tried to close my eyes and I found myself in a pine forest on a full moon night chased by wolves.

The pressing rhythm and the acid and industrial sounds accompanied sometimes by distortions is an absolutely intriguing blend.

I recommend everyone to listen to this magnificent album several times, you will discover something new with each listening.

Simply fantastic!

Olympians II is Bassmaster’s Album Out Now!


Olympians II is Bassmaster’s New Album | Edgar Allan Poets

The Mastermind behind Bassmaster is Christopher Norris – Acoustic and Electric Guitars, Programming, Mixing.

“I’m playing homage to the cinematic IDM of Orbital’s ‘In Sides’ through the lens of Progressive Metal. That means long-form, deeply layered compositions with recurring themes, combining traits of IDM and DnB (breakbeats, arpeggiated synth lines, a heavy bass presence) with electric guitar, odd time signatures and the occasional blastbeat. The compositions are detailed – I love to introduce several musical themes, then reprise them all together later in the song.

This two-album series is based on Greek mythology. Each track is named after a Greek god, and incorporates scales inspired by Ancient Greek music. ‘Olympians II’ contains some of the most layered, complex tracks in my discography, including cinematic musical suites (‘Ares’) alongside punchy DnB (‘Hermes’, ‘Dionysus’) and ambient Electronica (‘Hera’).”

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  1. Thanks for the write-up! I’m glad you enjoyed the album.

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