Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | One Day I Know is Soda Cracker Jesus' Single Out Now
One Day I Know is Soda Cracker Jesus’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The one and only Soda Cracker Jesus will entertain us again with this new tune.

One Day I Know is Soda Cracker Jesus’ Single Out Now

The intro with that arpeggio and that peculiar effect on the guitar stimulated the left and right lobes of my brain.

I felt the sound waves pass from one side to the other and suddenly my third eye opened.

I found myself flying and looking at the world from above. A song that has delicate and nostalgic harmony accompanied by deep lyrics that demonstrate once more how this artist doesn’t hide.

His deepest emotions and the most important experiences of his life become music. If this song was composed by the Beatles we would be facing a world-class hit.

Soda Cracker Jesus’ talent is now unleashed and people are realizing it. I noticed with pleasure that the plays on Spotify are increasing and the success of this artist is absolutely deserved.

One Day I Know is Soda Cracker Jesus’ Single Out Now!


One Day I Know is Soda Cracker Jesus’ Single Out Now

Soda Cracker Jesus is the rock-n-roll brainchild of singer-songwriter-producer Regan Lane.

Forgiveness and letting go… thinking back on my relationship with my father and other folks who I perceived or actually did me wrong or harm. I’ve been in recovery for over 20 years and one thing I was taught (and learned from trial and error) was that resentment can be a major part of relapse. So learning to let go and forgive became crucial to me in order to move forward with my life…with my life today. Another part of my resentment is it kept me in the past and clouded the beautiful things that were happening each day. So forgiveness helped me to get and stay in the now.

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