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One Dub is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Ari Joshua soaks up the summer sun with his infectious new single, “One Dub” released by Music Factory Records.

One Dub is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

The song instantly transports you to a tropical paradise

The track pulsates with genuine vibes, a laid-back groove that washes over you like a warm ocean breeze.

Joshua surrounds himself with a stellar cast of musicians, each one adding their own magic to the mix. This song is a collaborative masterpiece, crafted with a deep understanding of the genre’s soul.

Joshua himself shines on guitar, weaving intricate melodies that dance around the rhythm section. It’s a storytelling, painting vivid pictures of swaying palm trees and crystal-clear Caribbean waters.

Close your eyes and listen – you can practically feel the ocean spray on your skin as “One Dub” unfolds.

It’s a musical vacation. This is a song that will have you yearning for sandy beaches and the rhythmic crash of waves.

Ari Joshua once again proves his musical mastery with “One Dub.”

It’s a joyful celebration of reggae music at its finest, a song that guarantees to put a smile on your face and a sunny disposition in your heart.

One Dub is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now!


One Dub is Ari Joshua’s Single Out Now

Experience the vibrant fusion of reggae and dub with ‘One Dub,’ a compelling musical creation by Ari Joshua and a collective of exceptional talents. Crafted with passion and performed by an ensemble of virtuosos, this standout piece promises a fresh perspective for enthusiasts of the rasta dub genre. Recorded at The Bunker Studio in Brooklyn, NY, the track showcases Ari Joshua’s distinctive composition alongside the stellar contributions of renowned musicians.

Among them, the rhythmic prowess of drummer John Kimock, celebrated for his originality and his collaborations with prominent artists such as Otiel Burbridge and Mike Gordon. Anchoring the groove is the incomparable Andy Hess, esteemed for his work with Gov’t Mule and The Black Crowes, while Eden Ladin, an internationally touring keyboardist, adds layers of depth with his unparalleled musicality. Together, they deliver a remarkable session that captivates audiences with its authenticity and skill.

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