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One Ghost is Jesse Cantrell’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Jesse Cantrell’s latest single, “One Ghost,” encapsulates a beautiful journey through nostalgia and introspection.

One Ghost is Jesse Cantrell’s Single Out Now

From the moment the arpeggios dance delicately into the listener’s ears, one is immediately drawn into Cantrell’s world—a world where emotion takes centre stage and authenticity reigns supreme.

Cantrell’s vocals is able to transport the listeners to a time where introspection was revered and vulnerability embraced.

There’s a distinct flavor of the 90s coursing through Cantrell’s vocal delivery, invoking a sense of familiarity and nostalgia that resonates deeply.

What sets Cantrell apart is his genuine approach to composition. “One Ghost” is a window into Cantrell’s soul.

With each note, he pours his emotions into the music, forging a connection with the listener. The structure of “One Ghost” is well thought out and creates a crescendo that is inspiring and hypnotic.

His theatrical interpretation adds depth to the narrative, drawing listeners deeper into the song’s heart.

One cannot overlook the brilliance of Cantrell’s vocal dynamics, particularly his use of a hoarse voice to accentuate the struggles depicted in the lyrics.

And then there’s the solo, a moment of pure magic within the song. With its retro effect and ethereal reverb. It’s the perfect culmination of everything that makes “One Ghost” such a standout track.

One Ghost is Jesse Cantrell’s Single Out Now!


Co-founder of acoustic act HarwickJesse Cantrell has been influenced by harmonies, 90’s rock, and alternative. With songs that tend to build in enthusiasm, and end on a large scale. After years of writing and demoing songs, it’s time to let the world hear what’s been in the works since Harwick disbanded. 2021 did, however, see the release of the Harwick album written and recorded years prior, something the band always wished they’d given the world. Enjoy!

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