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One Track Race is Lucid Waters’ New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Lucid Waters’ “One Track Race” hits you like a blast from the past, but with a contemporary twist that keeps it fresh and exciting.

One Track Race is Lucid Waters’ New Single

It’s the kind of song that would make you think of classic British bands, but then surprise you with its modern edge.

From the first note, the energy is infectious. The acidic guitars bite, and the irreverent vocals have you hooked, keeping you on the edge of your seat.

This song is a sonic adrenaline rush, like a bullet train barreling down the tracks, leaving you breathless in its wake.

There are distinct echoes of The Clash in the song’s rebellious spirit and driving energy. But the guitar riff also throws back to the iconic “Misirlou,” adding a touch of playful swagger and reminding you why Quentin Tarantino would likely be a fan.

They’ve put in countless hours of practice, resulting in a tight and cohesive sound. There’s a chemistry between them, a musical alchemy that transcends individual skill and creates something truly special.

In today’s world of electronic beats and computer-generated music, Lucid Waters stand out by embracing the raw and real.

They bring back the power of live instruments and passionate performances, reminding us of the magic that comes from pure musicianship.

This is a band you need to experience live, where you can truly feel the raw energy and passion radiating from the stage.

One Track Race is Lucid Waters’ New Single!


Joshua Goodwin – Drummer, Singer, Synth. Alec Zuccarelli – Guitarist, Singer. Rowen Addams – Bassist

On a cold & wet rooftop of our local music venue, Alec & Rowen were looking to start a new project and over a drunken natter orchestrated a practise for the following week for a ‘jam’ which turned into us writing music together and deciding to start a band

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