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Orange Sky Dream is Wreckless Strangers’ Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Wreckless Strangers’ EP, “Orange Sky Dream,” shows the talent of seasoned musicians, evident from the first note.

Orange Sky Dream is Wreckless Strangers’ Ep Out Now

The band’s instrumental proficiency, cohesiveness, and alchemy are inspiring, creating a refined blues rock sound with intriguing melodic lines and top-notch arrangements.

In the track “Break The Line,” the rhythmic cadence and the Hammond solo stand out as highlights, showcasing the band’s skillful musicianship and attention to detail.

The sound of Wreckless Strangers is a nod to legendary classic rock/blues, infused with a meticulous approach that elevates it beyond mere homage.

The EP exudes the feeling of being in the room with the band during their performance. This live energy shines through in each track, offering listeners an intense musical journey.

Listening to “Orange Sky Dream” is akin to savoring a glass of aged whiskey, where each subsequent sip reveals new nuances and flavors.

A must-listen for those who appreciate seasoned musicians delivering a timeless and memorable musical journey.

Orange Sky Dream is Wreckless Strangers’ Ep Out Now!

Intense Musical Journey!

This Bay Area-based supergroup has made a name for themselves with their masterful fusion of blues, R&B, Americana, and rock ‘n’ roll.

Wreckless Strangers teamed up with 4x GRAMMY award-winning producer Dave Way (Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Sheryl Crow, Phoebe Bridgers, Moonalice) to bring Orange Sky Dream to life.

Orange Sky Dream got its name through the band’s desire to bring attention to the environmental disasters facing our planet, particularly in California, where San Francisco was famously blanketed by orange skies in 2020 due to wildfires.

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