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Orion is Kilindo’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the vast expanse of the musical productions, where creativity knows no bounds, Kilindo emerges as a force to be reckoned with.

Orion is Kilindo’s Single Out Now

Their latest single, “Orion,” is an intense compositional experience.

It’s a sonic journey that seamlessly marries epic grandeur with refined intricacies, captivating the listener from the very first note to the very last.

Kilindo’s music is a mesmerizing fusion of the epic and the refined, a delicate balancing act that showcases their exceptional artistry.

The melodies are intricate, weaving a complex web of sonic storytelling that draws the listener deeper into the music with each passing moment.

The rhythmic variations are masterfully executed, ensuring that you remain glued to your speakers, hanging on to every beat and note.

What sets Kilindo apart is their ability to craft a modern and futuristic brand of alternative progressive rock that brims with nuance and sophistication.

Their sonic palette is rich and diverse, filled with subtle shades and bold strokes that create a musical tapestry of remarkable depth.

“Orion” is not just a single; it’s a gateway to a larger sonic universe. Kilindo’s music is so intriguing that it compels you to explore their entire album, “Under The Dark Moon.”

This full-length experience showcases their boundless compositional abilities and invites the listener on a complete sonic journey.

If “Orion” is any indication, Kilindo is a band without boundaries, and their music is an open invitation to immerse yourself in a sonic journey hat knows no limits.

Orion is Kilindo’s Single Out Now!


Kilindo is a two piece progressive rock project from Raleigh and Chicago.

“The song Orion is basically about having a deeper truth about nature being revealed to you, hence the grand ending section”

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