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Oscillation is Aglasio’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Aglasio’s single “Oscillation” is a peculiar journey into a universe of unique and intriguing sounds.

Oscillation is Aglasio’s Single Out Now

The distinctive sound effect in the intro, reminiscent of the 80s movie “The Blob,” immediately sets the stage for a fascinating musical experience.

The band’s ability to draw inspiration from various sources while creating something entirely original is inspiring.

The mysterious and at times sinister atmosphere crafted by Aglasio in “Oscillation” is charming. It adds depth and complexity to the music, keeping the listener engaged throughout the song.

The band’s willingness to experiment with different sounds and genres is evident, showcasing their bold and innovative approach to music.

The influence from the 90s is evident, with shades of Alice in Chains felt in the harmonies. However, Aglasio manages to avoid being stuck in a specific genre, demonstrating a willingness to explore uncharted musical territories.

The fusion of Dave Matthews Band-like chord progressions and refined artistic intuitions further contributes to the song’s unique appeal.

“Oscillation” is a fantastic song and we need to keep Aglasio under the radar as they are creating quality songs and pushing boundaries offering a fresh perspective in the music industry.

Oscillation is Aglasio’s Single Out Now!


Formed against the backdrop of Northern Germany’s tranquil landscapes in 2022, Aglasio is a four-piece progressive rock ensemble. Their musical journey unfolds as a harmonious blend of intricate melodies, complex rhythmic patterns, vocal intensity and a collective commitment to pushing and overcoming the boundaries of genres.

The quartet delivers a dynamic performance that showcases their technical finesse and emotional depth.
Aglasio continues to evolve, promising audiences an ongoing progressive sonic voyage. As they shape the musical landscapes of the future, they pay homage to classical influences like TOOL, Led Zeppelin, Pearl Jam and King Crimson, while also drawing inspiration from modern acts such as Coheed and Cambria, Porcupine Tree, Devin Townsend and Deftones.

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