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Our Love’s With You is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Rusty Reid’s single, “Our Love’s With You,” is an intense and inspiring folk ballad that reminded me of the legendary singer-songwriters of the past, such as Denver and Dylan, while also showcasing the immense creativity of this talented artist.

Our Love’s With You is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now

From the first few notes, it becomes evident that Rusty Reid has crafted a song that speaks directly to the soul and heart of the listeners.

The song’s refined and nostalgic sound immediately transports listeners to a bygone era of music, where storytelling and poetic lyricism reigned supreme.

Rusty Reid’s voice exudes a sense of warmth and sincerity, akin to the great folk artists of the past, allowing him to connect effortlessly with his audience. His vocal delivery is both emotive and captivating, drawing listeners into the narrative of the song with every line.

The folk ballad’s instrumentation complements Rusty Reid’s heartfelt vocals, creating a harmonious and evocative backdrop for the song’s narrative.

The gentle strumming of acoustic guitars and soulful melodies perfectly capture the essence of the genre, making the listener feel like they are sitting around a campfire, listening to an intimate and soul-stirring performance.

Rusty Reid’s “Our Love’s With You” is a heartfelt and touching folk ballad that serves as a beautiful tribute to his younger sister on the occasion of her high school graduation and departure for college.

This poignant song captures the bittersweet emotions that come with saying goodbye to a loved one embarking on a new chapter in life.

Our Love’s With You is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now!

Deep and Refined!

Our Love’s With You is Rusty Reid’s Single Out Now

“I wrote this song for my younger sister upon her graduation from high school and leaving for college. On this one, I provide the vocals and guitars, while crack multi-instrumentalist Jed Demlow, from Nashville, provides the keyboard tracks.”

Rusty Reid is an American independent, indie folk-country-rock singer-songwriter. Born and raised in West Texas, he came of age in the late 1960s, and still carries the spirit of that revolutionary era in his head and heart.

Rusty was born and raised in Midland, Texas. He graduated from Midland High School, and from the University of Houston with a degree in Communications. In addition to Midland and Houston, he has lived in Austin, Nashville and Los Angeles. He is currently based near Seattle, Washington.

Rusty writes melodic, guitar-powered songs, many of which are philosophic, political and/or spiritual (not religious) in thematic content. He writes songs for the world, extolling universal virtue, defending the oppressed, and is a frequent thrower of musical fireballs at the citadel of conformity and all of its many cults.

Rusty’s latest album is the 2023 album release Bayou Line: Songs from Houston, a collection of re-recordings of songs he wrote during the time he lived in Houston, Texas. These are previously unreleased favorites of his original fans. They chronicle the development and emergence of a distinctive singer-songwriter.

Steeped in country music, British pop, surf rock, psychedelic rock and many other influences, Rusty grew up on the dusty plains of West Texas, also the strange homeland of many revered singer-songwriters. Immediately after graduating from high school, Rusty headed for larger opportunities. He honed his songwriting craft while at the University of Houston, then left Texas for a stint as a staff songwriter for a large publishing house in Nashville. There he had invaluable opportunities for mixing with other songwriters and recording at famed RCA Studio B. Believing his material might be better suited for a more pop or rock oriented music center, he moved to Los Angeles, dabbling in the L.A. original music scene, but not finding his niche. He went back to Houston to finish college, play in a few bands and write magazine articles, then back, once more, to Los Angeles in 1984. Distractions and misdirections ensued as he indulged a position as a sports writer/editor with a large magazine publisher. In 1990, Rusty embarked on a solo trip around the world, upon which a new consciousness and spirituality emerged. A move to the Seattle area in 1995 was intended to help restart his music pathway, but merely making a living usurped most of his time and energy. He finally released his first CD in the summer of 2001, NWXSW, something of a “best-of” collection of his recorded material at the time. Then came 9/11 and other events which derailed any serious promotion of NWXSW. Fallow years ensued, and Rusty considered that his music “career” had permanently failed to launch.

Around 2014, the tide turned and the songs began to flow again. This time, powerful songs. Songs of philosophy, politics and spirituality (not religion). The direction hinted at by a handful of songs on NWXSW would lead to a concept album like no other. In 2019, Rusty released his “opus,” Head to Heart, a 78-minute “Revolutionary Manifesto in Song!”

His latest singles (not on albums) are “Shelter,” a cover version of the 1980s-era hit for Lone Justice, and two politically-charged songs, “American Villain” and “The United States of Selfishness” both released in November 2020.

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