Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Our Museum of Failure is The Margaret Hooligans' Single Out Now
Our Museum of Failure is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
In the dank caverns of the modern musical underground, where the voices of the disaffected and the disillusioned still find resonance, one band stands unwavering in their dedication to the confrontation of societal ills.

Our Museum of Failure is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now

The Margaret Hooligans, notorious for their raw, unapologetic approach, have unveiled a new opus, “Our Museum of Failure,” which, in its acid-drenched glory, ignites a timely conversation about the evolving concept of masculinity in a gender-fluid society.

In a world where the lines that traditionally defined masculinity have blurred, The Margaret Hooligans emerge as sonic provocateurs, daring to dive headfirst into the turbulent waters of contemporary gender dynamics.

Their latest single, “Our Museum of Failure,” is an incendiary manifesto for the modern man grappling with his place in a changing world.

Sonically, this track takes the Hooligans’ signature acidic sound and cranks it up to eleven. With a relentless assault of electric guitars and a rhythm section that drives like a freight train.

“Our Museum of Failure” is an adrenaline-fueled joyride through the underbelly of punk rock. It’s as if Lou Reed and Johnny Rotten had a lovechild, and that child grew up listening to riot grrrl anthems on a loop.

The Hooligans aren’t content with merely thrashing their instruments; they have something to say, and they say it with a raw, unfiltered intensity that’s nothing short of mesmerizing.

Frontwoman Meg Cratty delivers a vocal performance that is, in a word, transcendental. Her voice, by turns haunting and confrontational, weaves a narrative of defiance and self-discovery.

The melody of “Our Museum of Failure” is paradoxically catchy and dissonant. It’s a siren’s call that lures you into its chaotic embrace, making you want to thrash and dance simultaneously.

The Hooligans’ ability to blend rock and punk seamlessly is alchemical. It’s as if they’ve taken the raw materials of rebellion and molded them into a sonic Molotov cocktail.

So, dear reader, if you seek music that challenges conventions and ignites a fire in your soul, look no further than “Our Museum of Failure.”

Our Museum of Failure is The Margaret Hooligans’ Single Out Now!


Our Museum of Failure is the lead off single from The Margaret Hooligans upcoming 4th album, ThunderHole Rock n’ Roll. Our Museum of Failure is a driving rock anthem, a hymn to lost little boys, trying to navigate what it means to be a man in an age where we are trying to dismantle the patriarchy.

It asks why we obsess over heroes from the past that don’t represent the men we want in our future. In this new frontier of gender fluidity, how do boys define what kind of men they want to grow up to be? A stadium rock anthem with pounding drums, groovy guitar lines, a driving electric ukulele riff, fierce and anguished vocals, it will make you hit repeat.


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