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Out of My Mind is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Andy Smythe’s latest single, “Out of My Mind,” is another masterpiece that showcases the artist’s refined musical sensibilities.

Out of My Mind is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now

The richness of arrangements and intuitive creativity found in this track is inspiring, delivering a pure beauty that resonates with listeners.

The rhythmic cadence of this tune is infectious, inviting the listener to dance barefoot on a bridge over the River Thames.

It captures those moments of carefree abandon, where the desire to let go becomes irresistible. The music creates a sense of nostalgia, yet it’s a nostalgia that is cherished and celebrated, especially when you think about love.

Smythe skillfully weaves a narrative that taps into universal emotions, making the song relatable to anyone who has experienced intense feelings of connection and longing.

One of the standout features of “Out of My Mind” is the exquisite wind arrangements that add an extra layer of refinement to an already magical composition.

The interplay of these instruments elevates the song, creating a sonic experience that is enchanting and sophisticated.

This single reaffirms Smythe’s status as an artist who not only understands the nuances of music but also possesses the rare gift of translating intense emotions into a musical masterpiece.

Out of My Mind is Andy Smythe’s Single Out Now!


‘Out of My Mind’ is a song about the cycle of life about finding your ‘soul partner’. It explores that conflict of making the right choice against London’s cinematic backdrop. This release is building open his previous single release ‘Prodigal Son’ that gained much critical praise for its lavish arrangement and attention to detail.

Andy Smythe is a British singer/songwriter who has been active on the London folk scene since the ‘90s. London, however, isn’t Smythe’s hometown; he is originally from Shropshire, England. But London is where Smythe developed a small but enthusiastic following. Known for his reflective, contemplative lyrics, Smythe has a variety of influences — some British, some American, some neither British nor American. In the British media, Smythe has often been compared to the late Nick Drake, and other valid comparisons have included DonovanTim Buckley, and Van Morrison (who is neither British nor American but rather, Irish). Smythe has cited Bob Dylan as an inspiration, and in fact, there are echoes of the seminal Dylan in some of Smythe’s lyrics (although Dylan has a rougher, harder, grittier vocal style, while Smythe’s expressive singing tends to be on the gentle side). At times, Smythe incorporates Celtic elements, which explains why he has enjoyed some favorable coverage in the Irish media.

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