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Outside Time is The Trudy’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Trudy’s EP, “Outside Time,” is another fantastic and superb musical ride.

Outside Time is The Trudy’s Ep Out Now

The enchanting voice of Melissa is a key highlight, serving as a vehicle that transports listeners into a realm of imagination and emotion.

However, it’s the magical synergy created by Melissa, Del, and Peter that defines the unique and powerful sound of The Trudy.

“Where The Roses Grow” is a retro rock masterpiece, reminiscent of the seventies. The combination of tremolo guitars and flutes creates a nostalgic atmosphere that immerses the listener in a bygone era.

The song showcases The Trudy’s ability to craft music that not only pays homage to the past but revitalizes it with their own distinctive touch.

“Dear Sancho” takes a more psychedelic and dreamy turn, exploring experimental sounds while maintaining the intriguing and mysterious vibes characteristic of The Trudy’s music.

The band’s willingness to venture into more experimental showcases their versatility.

“Giants Theme” has a spectacular guitar solo, adding an extra layer of musical prowess to the EP.

The energetic “Pop Pop” and the compelling guitar strumming in “Arrival,” which closes the EP, contribute to the overall dynamic and engaging nature of “Outside Time.”

The Trudy continues to create music that leaves a lasting impression on the listener.

Outside Time is The Trudy’s Ep Out Now!

Mysterious Vibes!


The band are calling Outside Time a mini album, rather than an EP, because it’s a timeless collection of tunes sequenced to be listened to like one side of an LP. “It takes you on a musical journey,” they say.

Formed in 1979, and having been through many incarnations, London band The Trudy are currently a trio comprising Melissa Jo Heathcote (vocals), Del Tagg (guitar) and Peter Tagg (drums).

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