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Owl Scream is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sunset the Machine’s “Owl Scream” is an innovative rock song that defies mainstream expectations.

Owl Scream is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now

The opening riff, with its distorted radio effect, sets the stage for a sonic journey that is experimental and unique.

As the song progresses, the soundscape expands, offering a rich variety of frequencies that immerse the listener in the band’s unique musical universe.

The vocal delivery, which enters around the one-minute mark, further reinforces the band’s unrestrained approach.

The vocalist’s raw and emotive delivery ( with a vocal effect that at times reminded me of Dexter Holland)  adds a layer of intensity to the song, while the band’s refusal to adhere to conventional song structures creates a sense of unpredictability that keeps the listener engaged.

The chorus is a standout moment, with its intriguing dissonance and Alice in Chains-inspired atmosphere. The song’s overall sound is full, intense, and haunting, with a dynamic range that allows for moments of both quiet introspection and explosive energy.

The bridge, in particular, stands out for its minimalist guitar solo. This understated passage adds a sense of vulnerability to the song, while also highlighting the band’s unique artistic vision.

The overall effect is one of delicate balance, with the song teetering on the edge of chaos before ultimately resolving back into its powerful chorus.

Owl Scream is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now!

Unique and Free!

Blending together influences from hard rock/metal to punk and even elements of trippy space rock, Sunset the Machine have worked out enough material for a full length album which was promptly recorded last summer at Sisterly Silence Studios in Portland. For the last year, they have taken their high energy set of songs to the stage, hitting several venues around the Northwest and have since developed a continuously growing local fanbase.

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