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Painted Nails is James Longcake’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
James Longcake’s latest single, “Painted Nails,” is a delightful injection of uplifting energy, guaranteed to kickstart your day on the right note.

Painted Nails is James Longcake’s Single Out Now

 From the moment you press play, you’re welcomed into a world of infectious funky vibes and a groove that’s simply contagious.

One of the great qualities of James Longcake’s compositional style is his ability to blend different genres together.

In “Painted Nails,” this talent shines through, especially in the guitar solos where hints of rock influences can be felt.

As the track progresses, it’s hard not to draw comparisons to the legendary funk outfit Jamiroquai, with its signature blend of funk, soul, and pop.

What truly sets “Painted Nails” apart are its meticulously crafted arrangements. Every little detail has been thoughtfully considered.

James Longcake’s voice adds an extra layer of depth to the track, with subtle effects enhancing the overall musical experience.

“Painted Nails” is a feel-good anthem that effortlessly combines funky grooves with rock and pop-infused energy.

Painted Nails is James Longcake’s Single Out Now!


James Longcake is a musician and composer who writes a mixture of songs and music for TV and Film. He loves playing guitar and going for long walks on the beach.

The song celebrates the small parts of our personalities that make us who we are and the individualistic expressions that exhibit our best and possibly happiest selves which it does alongside the infectious musical groove.

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