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Pandora’s Box is Giant Head Collective’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Talented Giant Head Collective is back with a full juicy album… are you ready for this magical musical experience?

The album of this talented artist is great.

A great musical product, very well thought out that follows a coherent thread.

A solid vision and this is possible because Giant Head Collective has a great compositional experience behind him.

All the songs on the album are beautiful and honestly, I have not found any flaws in terms of production, interpretation, and execution.

Everything goes smoothly and you literally let yourself be carried away by the music proposed by this great songwriter.

A mature work that I recommend everyone to go and listen to.

Maybe the song I liked the most is Blackwater because it has that mysterious guitar riff that fascinated me a lot.

Beautiful work!

Pandora’s Box is Giant Head Collective’s Album Out Now!

Deep and Coherent!


Quote: “Pandora’s Box is an Album that has come out of the need to continue to make music during a pandemic. We took the time to reach out to artists and writers in the US, Europe and Scandinavia and work with them to add their contribution to the collective. The music is all GHC and we brought in top Scottish producer Stuart McCredie (Fratellies, Texas, Blue Nile, Kelly Clarkson and many more) to help us take the tracks to the highest level we could get when everything was recorded remotely.

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