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Paradise is Stuart Lawrence’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Stuart Lawrence’s single “Paradise” immediately captures attention with its honest, direct, and sincere sound, reflecting an artist who eschews shortcuts in favor of genuine musical expression inspired by classic rock influences.

Paradise is Stuart Lawrence’s Single Out Now

“Paradise” unfolds as a cool ballad, slightly psychedelic and ethereal, driven by guitar melodies and a catchy rhythm that invites listeners to soar with their imagination.

The song’s magical aura evokes imagery reminiscent of watching the sunset from the White Cliffs of Dover, transporting the audience to a dreamy landscape.

Lawrence’s vocal delivery is marked by intensity and passion, infusing authenticity into the lyrics and fostering a deep connection with the listener.

His vocal range shines, particularly with the falsetto in the chorus, adding emotion and depth to the composition.

The chord progression of “Paradise” reflects Lawrence’s compositional skills, showcasing thoughtful craftsmanship and attention to detail.

With its blend of sincere lyrics, captivating melodies, and immersive atmosphere, the single solidifies Lawrence’s place as a compelling musical force worth discovering and following closely.

Paradise is Stuart Lawrence’s Single Out Now!


Originally from Oxfordshire, now on the south coast of England, not far from the beautiful and historic city of Portsmouth. I sometimes jokingly say that I was educated at Oxford, which is true, but not quite what the expression is meant to convey.
Music has always been important to me as a means of escape with its cathartic qualities, and I’m completely self-taught. Actually, anything artistic makes me comfortable. Drawing, painting, making.

Having ADHD is why it takes me a while to be comfortable around new people, can be a little awkward, and probably why I am so creative. It is also the reason that writing music is important to me as it has a healing function, and why it has taken me so long to get the courage to start recording and performing.
In my school years I remember being regarded as not very bright, by people who didn’t know me closely. I wasn’t very socially comfortable. Now the ADHD discovery explains so much. I left school with virtually no qualifications but as I got older in my early 20’s I had an irrepressible urge to learn, and a thirst for knowledge, culminating in earning a degree in Law.

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