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Passing Moments Caught Forever is Kingseeker’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Kingseeker’s “Passing Moments Caught Forever” crashes onto the scene like a sonic avalanche, instantly pummeling you with the band’s undeniable tightness and power.

Passing Moments Caught Forever is Kingseeker’s Album Out Now

From the first riff, it’s evident these guys are seasoned veterans, having honed their sound to a razor-sharp edge in the crucible of the rehearsal room.

The result is a metal juggernaut, a tank of an album where every element locks in with military precision.

The rhythm section is the granite foundation of Kingseeker’s sound. Drummer Marius Rød Tøftum lays down an impeccable groove, his kick drum a battering ram driving the songs forward.

Emil Bringsli’s bass is a stealthy predator, mirroring the kick drum’s attack with a low-end growl that adds both menace and depth. These guys aren’t just keeping time; they’re sculpting the very atmosphere of the music.

Then come the guitars. Aron Veliz’s riffs are pure sonic adrenaline, blazing with fiery intensity and laced with intricate chord progressions. Each riff feels deliberate, each note meticulously placed to deliver maximum impact.

But Kingseeker isn’t just about brutality. What truly sets them apart is their masterful weaving of melody into the sonic tapestry.

Jan Magne Abel Opsahl’s vocals are a revelation, soaring effortlessly above the sonic maelstrom. He delivers intense screams that pack a punch, but also injects unexpected moments of melodic beauty, clean singing that adds a touch of vulnerability and emotional depth.

This interplay between aggression and melody is what makes Kingseeker truly special. They’re not afraid to be brutal, but they also understand the power of a well-placed hook, a soaring chorus that lodges itself in your head long after the song is over.

Of course, none of this would matter without a top-notch production. “Passing Moments Caught Forever” is sonically pristine, every instrument clear and present in the mix.

Kingseeker has crafted a metal album that will leave you breathless and begging for more. This is one band you won’t want to miss.

Passing Moments Caught Forever is Kingseeker’s Album Out Now!


Passing Moments Caught Forever is Kingseeker’s Album Out Now

Kingseeker are:

Emil Bringsli – Bass
Jan Magne Abel Opsahl – Vocal
Marius Rød Tøftum – Drums
Aron Veliz – Guitar

“We are a metalcore band from the Oslo district of Norway, formed in 2021 by Aron, Emil, and Jan after we had been releasing singles for a few years under a different name, Coastlines. After releasing Daily Reminders in early 2022, Marius Rød Tøftum joined, completing the lineup and enabling us to bring our songs to the live scene.”

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