Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Peace and Longing is Davide Anniballi's Single Out Now
Peace and Longing is Davide Anniballi’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
the delicacy and sweetness of the soul of this artist are reconfirmed in this new single.

Peace and Longing is Davide Anniballi’s Single Out Now

The song is accompanied by a beautiful video with breathtaking scenery that makes you experience a magical moment of art.

Davide Anniballi always manages to communicate strong emotions with his melodies. With Peace and Longing he masterfully describes the feelings mentioned in the title.

Harmoniously relaxing moments are interspersed with sparkling passages that describe those moments in which life tickles us again. When life stimulates us to move again.

Tranquility/peace is beautiful but in movement there is life. Maestro Anniballi knows this well and with great refinement, he ventures into the maximum expression of the multifaceted human personality.

His style is essential, simple, and communicative. This artist is able to leave only the indispensable…the heart of the matter.

These compositional skills are absolutely unusual. There are many people who play the piano flawlessly but few who manage to communicate emotions.

Davide Anniballi drinks at the source of his soul from which passion and creativity always gush.

Peace and Longing is Davide Anniballi’s Single Out Now!


Davide Anniballi · Peace and longing

Quote: “Music expresses everything that I cannot say”.

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