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Perfect is Joyce Martens’ Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I already reviewed Joyce Martens in the past but this talented artist is back with a new cool single and I want to share my opinion about it.

Perfect is Joyce Martens’ Single Out Now

Another beautiful song from this artist who not only produces beautiful melodies but also writes intense lyrics.

An artist with incredible vital energy that allows her to be a mother, an artist, and a social worker at the same time… where does Joyce Martens find the time to do all this? She explains it to us in this song.

In her view, life is all about not waiting, not worrying about the opinions of others, and embracing new experiences.

The sweetness and solidity that this song conveys are truly touching and has the ability to inspire other artists who may never feel up to being able to chase their dreams.

There are in my opinion Annie Lennox vibes in her way of composing music and this is another solid tune.

Absolutely confirmed.

Perfect is Joyce Martens’ Single Out Now!


Perfect is Joyce Martens’ Single Out Now

This song is a really personal one. It reflects my own process of taking the step to put my music out there. I think a lot of us hold ourselves back from chasing our dreams, waiting for the right moment, waiting to be ready, or to be good enough. But the right time will never come… The time is now! If you really want something you shouldn’t wait, but you should go for it, because we never know what life has after us. I hope to inspire others chasing their dreams and letting go of perfectionism.

Joyce Martens is Dutch singer-songwriter that discovered her passion for music during the pandemic. Despite being a part-time social worker and a mother of two, Joyce has managed to find her way in the music industry.

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