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Peter Meter is Madam Who?’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Madam Who? is an artist who truly embodies the concept of a complete artistic vision.

Peter Meter is Madam Who?’s Single Out Now

Her music is just one element of her multifaceted universe, which also includes captivating videos and impressive acting skills.

Her new single, “Peter Meter,” is a catchy alternative rock song with an ironic mood reminiscent of Foo Fighters’ “Learn To Fly.”

“Peter Meter” shows Madam Who?’s ability to create something different and intriguing for her audience.

Her music is catchy and memorable, while her videos are engaging and thought-provoking. She never shies away from embracing irony and subverting expectations, making her a truly original artist.

The production of “Peter Meter” is professional and polished, perfectly complementing Madam Who?’s energetic performance.

Her vocals are clear and powerful, while the instrumentation is tight and well-arranged. The song’s melody is infectious, and it’s sure to stick in your head long after you’ve heard it.

Madam Who? is an artist to watch, and “Peter Meter” is a must-listen for fans of alternative rock. It’s a catchy, well-crafted song.

Peter Meter is Madam Who?’s Single Out Now!


Peter Meter is Madam Who?’s Single Out Now

Madam Who? studied Music Business at Belmont University in Nashville, TN. while touring America’s southeast and appearing in the first season of the Star Search reboot featuring Martha Quinn of MTV. Her band got flown out to Los Angeles to perform on “Jimmy & Doug’s Farmclub” where they shared a stage with Creed and Godsmack. The program aired on USA network. Her
career moved her into the top 10 for the very first American Music Award’s New Music Award.

They were to perform at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom and go on a country wide tour and perform their song on the AMA’s. The top 10 were to perform for industry-only invitation with Dick Clark presenting. They were to fly to NYC September 12, 2001.
The events of the previous day put a stop to what could have been their biggest break. The band dissolved and Madam Who? decided to move away from Nashville and move on with her life. She created websites, built a house, had a brain tumour, raised two kids, made halloween costumes, wine, reupholstered furniture, wrote books, and attempted to live off the land.

For 15 years she didn’t write another song until a fateful evening when she and her daughter were saved from drowning in the ocean by two strangers, opening up a chest of pent up music. Her story caught the attention of Good Morning America who aired a segment on her musical persona to their 1.7 million viewers.

I want to be a beacon of light and hope for all people who have suffered abuse and/or been convinced they are worthless and to encourage them to find their inner strength and love themselves. You do you. I would also like to inspire people of all ages – but especially womenof-a-certain-age – to follow their hearts and dreams no matter what life throws at you. Adapt and carry-on to overcome.

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