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Pills is Songs For Sabotage’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,

The mesmerizing rhythm of “Pills,” the latest single by Songs For Sabotage, is bound to evoke a peculiar sensation—an unsettling disorientation that mirrors the disruption of your circadian rhythms by a turbulent lifestyle.

Pills is Songs For Sabotage’s Single Out Now

From the moment the song begins, distant echoes reverberate in your mind, enveloping your day in a haze of nostalgic sentiment.

It encapsulates the ephemeral thrill of living in the moment, basking in the collective joy shared with others. Yet, upon closer reflection, one realizes that such moments do not necessarily equate to genuine happiness.

In fact, these fleeting instances serve as invaluable lessons, illuminating what truly matters in life. As the title implies, “Pills” explores addiction in a broader sense, extending beyond substance abuse.  It delves into those perilous cycles we find ourselves entrapped in—only realizing their harmful nature upon awakening from the illusory allure.

Songs For Sabotage masterfully encapsulate these intricate emotions within their new single. Once again, their artistic vision shines through both the song and its accompanying video.

I’m a devoted fan of this band, as their music consistently finds a way deep into the human psyche, intriguing and captivating listeners with their wistful and impassioned melodies.

The anticipation for their upcoming album is mounting, and I eagerly await the opportunity to delve further into their introspective sonic world.

Songs For Sabotage has an undeniable knack for crafting music that resonates, provokes, and stays with you long after the final note fades away.

Pills is Songs For Sabotage’s Single Out Now!

Enigmatic Melody!

Pills is Songs For Sabotage’s Single Out Now

‘Pills’ is about a toxic past version of yourself – up all night partying and sleeping all day long. One day you realize that it’s all BS and the people you thought were your friends are just fake and phony hanger-ons, who don’t actually care about you. Awakening to all of this is a bitter pill to swallow but you’re shedding that skin and moving on… though perhaps a little worse for the wear.

‘Pills’ is the first of several singles we plan on releasing before Clean Trauma officially comes out. This album is much more conceptual; most of the songs were written at the same time and inspired by genuinely dark moments in our lives.

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