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Pin’up is Raynald n’trio’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Raynald n’trio struts onto the scene with “Pin’up,” a track that’s pure classic rock revival.

Pin’up is Raynald n’trio’s Single Out Now

The mastermind behind this project, Reynald Chivot, clearly brings a wealth of experience to the table, and it shows.

From the opening riff, you’re hooked. It’s infectiously catchy, instantly injecting the song with a shot of pure rock n’ roll adrenaline.

The sound and visuals evoke bands like ZZ Top – a heady mix of scorching guitar and undeniable cool. And yes, who can resist the classic rock and beautiful girls combo? It’s a winning formula.

Adding to the charm is the song’s delivery in French. It gives “Pin’up” a certain je ne sais quoi, a touch of effortless Gallic flair.

The energy between the band is palpable. You can practically hear them grinning as they rip through the song.

The wild guitar solo is a highlight, a scorching display of fretboard fireworks. Meanwhile, the drums maintain a steady, relentless beat that drives the song forward. It’s a masterclass in rock n’ roll simplicity, executed with infectious enthusiasm.

“Pin’up” is a shot of pure, unadulterated fun. Raynald n’trio reminds us why classic rock still gets the blood pumping. This is a song that deserves a spot on any summer playlist, a guaranteed good time for rock n’ roll fans everywhere.

Pin’up is Raynald n’trio’s Single Out Now!


It’s at the age of 14 that Reynald Chivot, the leader of the group Reynald n’trio begins to play the guitar and develop a passion for music. After his military service, he fully dives into this art through two different groups, one focused on covers and the other on original compositions. With the latter, he produces two albums and frequently performs concerts, even opening for Lucky Peterson. At the age of 30, he puts his music career on hold to focus on his family, before returning to the music scene today by forming the Reynald n’trio trio.

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