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Place of Peace is Marky Wildtype’s New Single

Good Day Noir Family,
Marky Wildtype’s “Place of Peace” opens with an enigmatic intro. A modern choir shimmers with an almost medieval quality, setting an atmosphere of mystery and introspection.

Place of Peace is Marky Wildtype’s New Single

Then, Marky’s voice cuts through, drawing the listener into the song’s heart.

This is a deeply emotional track, a raw exploration of the inner struggles we all face. Marky doesn’t shy away from the darkness, confronting the unseen demons that challenge us.

Yet, there’s a thread of hope woven throughout. The song urges us to fight back, to find that inner strength against invisible enemies.

The arrangement is masterful. The song builds slowly in intensity, reflecting the gradual rise of determination. Each element – the haunting vocals, the melancholic piano lines, the strings towards the end to build intensity – contributes to a unique sonic world.

It’s a space suspended between turmoil and tranquility, perfectly capturing the essence of the search for inner peace.

“Place of Peace” is a powerful and thought-provoking song. Marky Wildtype has the talent for crafting introspective music that resonates with the complexities of the human experience.

Place of Peace is Marky Wildtype’s New Single!


Marky Wildtype is an Edinburgh based songwriter/musician/producer who has been plying his trade and honing his craft under various guises for many years. Most recently, he has been providing the buzzsaw guitar backbone of the vibrant heavy-rock-meets-trad instrumental alt-folk band The Jig Show.

‘Place of Peace’ is the third single from the forthcoming second album by Marky Wildtype, ‘If Destroyed Still True’. Showcasing yet another facet of the album’s diverse sound, it is an epic, harmony-laden, piano-led anthem, exploring ways we might reframe and persevere through some of life’s challenges, particularly those from within – depression, anxiety and intrusive thoughts.

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