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Platonic is Alutepena Hughes-John’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Alutepena Hughes-John’s “Platonic” isn’t your typical alternative track.

Platonic is Alutepena Hughes-John’s Single Out Now

It’s ethereal reggae, almost transporting the listener to a parallel universe.

I felt like an orange ocean stretching out beside me, a storm brewing on the horizon. This sets the perfect scene for the song’s emotional core – the universality of unrequited feelings.

Alutepena Hughes-John’s strength lies in her honesty. Her compositional style is direct and unflinching, laying bare true emotions with a unique vision. The song resonates because everyone has experienced that one-sided connection.

One particularly striking moment comes around the 3:20 mark. The shift from singing to spoken word is fantastic. It creates a sense of intimacy, a heartfelt confession shared directly with the listener.

This unexpected twist serves as the perfect prelude to the song’s finale, leaving a lasting impression.

The ethereal melody of the chorus burrows itself into your head, refusing to let go.

“Platonic” is a song that stays in your head long after the last note fades.

Platonic is Alutepena Hughes-John’s Single Out Now!

Genuine and Unique!

Platonic is Alutepena Hughes-John’s Single Out Now

In Pena’s ‘past life, was as lead vocalist in her band called ‘Anthroppic, where they performed at London’s The Bull & Gate back in 2008. It was at that gig that the very first incarnation of ‘Platonic’ was performed. Pena’s session musician band a few years later played at a couple of festivals but as a solo artist, has performed at mainly Steampunk themed events and Festivals, as well as the occasional Open Mic in and around the Surrey area.

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