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Play Time is KOLBAK’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
KOLBAK’s latest single, “Play Time,” is a heady cocktail of 90s rock revival and psychedelic exploration, served with a shot of catchy hooks and intense vocals.

Play Time is KOLBAK’s Single Out Now

It’s the kind of track that burrows into your brain and refuses to leave, leaving you humming along and tapping your foot long after the last note fades.

One of the first things that grabs you is the band’s unique sonic palette.

They draw inspiration from the grungy swagger of 90s alt-rock, but they twist it with swirling psychedelic flourishes that create a sound that’s familiar and fresh.

The driving bass line in “Play Time” is a prime example, venturing into unexpected territory while perfectly locking in with the pulsating kick drum.

This rhythmic foundation is rock solid, providing a steady backbone for the song’s more adventurous excursions.

And speaking of adventure, KOLBAK’s vocalist takes us on a wild ride with his intense and captivating performance. His voice drips with passion and grit, adding an edge to the song’s already infectious energy.

The ethereal choirs that weave in and out of the melody add another cool layer, creating a sense of cosmic unease that perfectly complements the song’s overall vibe.

Ultimately, “Play Time” is a triumph for KOLBAK. It’s a song that wears its influences proudly while carving out its own distinct sonic space.

Play Time is KOLBAK’s Single Out Now!


Play Time is KOLBAK’s Single Out Now

KOLBAK is an indie pop three piece consisting of Harold Pflug (vocals, guitar), Ronald van der Vaart (bass guitar) and Martin Voigt (drums). Their latest album To the Teeth was released in August 2022.

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