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Pocket Dial Tears is Peppermint Moon’s Ep Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Peppermint Moon’s EP, “Pocket Dial Tears,” unfolds as an intriguing journey into the psychedelic and vintage realms of Colin Schlitt’s musical universe.

Pocket Dial Tears is Peppermint Moon’s Ep Out Now

Each track on this EP resonates with ethereal and nostalgic vibes, where Schlitt’s sweet and sincere voice guides listeners through a refined and enchanting limbo.

The EP exudes influences from the likes of the Beatles and R.E.M., but Peppermint Moon seamlessly incorporates various genres, resulting in a unique and distinctive style.

The songs are not just individual pieces but interconnected elements that contribute to the EP’s overall sonic narrative.

“Pocket Dial Tears” shows Schlitt’s songwriting talent. The seamless transition from one song to another creates an immersive experience, making it tempting to hit the play button again as soon as the EP concludes.

The production of the EP is optimal, with an accurate choice of sounds that maintains the distinct vibes and artistic vision of Peppermint Moon.

Highly recommended for those seeking a journey through a musical universe that seamlessly blends the past with a contemporary artistic vision.

Pocket Dial Tears is Peppermint Moon‘s Ep Out Now!

Cohesive Vision!

“Pocket Dial Tears” is the latest release from Peppermint Moon, the one-person recording project of long time SF Bay Area/LA musician Colin Schlitt. The subjects of the songs on “Pocket Dial Tears” range from a crime mystery novella to hubris in a small town… from the frenemies in our lives to toxic cable news… from The Big Lebowski’s “Dude” to finding your own identity and the confusion that journey can cause.
One of Colin’s earliest memories is wearing out his parents’ copy of “Revolver” by The Beatles on his toy record player, listening to it for days on end.

Colin also works as a teacher and plays bass and sings some of his songs in the dark alternative pop band El Radio Fantastique.

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