Edgar Allan Poets – Noir Rock Band | Poolside Residency 2023 is J Dulva's Album Out Now
Poolside Residency 2023 is J Dulva’s Album Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
J Dulva’s Poolside Residency 2023 isn’t your typical blues cover album.

Poolside Residency 2023 is J Dulva’s Album Out Now

Backed by the seasoned outfit Counting Coup, Dulva reimagines legendary tunes with a fresh perspective informed by his own experience and that of his bandmates.

The album is a testament to the collective talent of these musicians. Taking on blues rock is no small feat, as blues music thrives on raw emotion and lived experience.

Poolside Residency 2023 captures that vibe perfectly, transforming each cover song into a heartfelt homage to the original.

Dulva and his band don’t simply mimic the past; they breathe new life into these classics. It’s a clear demonstration of their respect for the source material, along with their own creative spark.

While every reimagined track is a gem, the album’s closer truly shines. Here, Dulva steps away from covers and delivers an original song that’s intense and meticulously crafted.

It Shows that Dulva and Counting Coup are not just masterful interpreters, but also gifted composers in their own right.

Poolside Residency 2023 is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates blues music, skilled musicianship, and fresh takes on timeless classics. It’s a collection that deserves a spot in everyone’s music library.

Poolside Residency 2023 is J Dulva’s Album Out Now!


“Poolside Residency 2023” encapsulates the essence of blues-rock vibes, offering a unique blend of blues, indie, and rock elements. This album promises to captivate listeners and transport them to the ultimate poolside getaway.
J Dulva, known for his unique approach to music production, brings their signature soundscapes to the table, pushing the boundaries of creativity. Counting Coup, celebrated for their soulful covers, complement J Dulva’s sonic palette with their distinct vocal prowess.

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