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Populate The Moon by Electric High Is Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
The Norwegian fabulous five Electric High are back with a new single “Populate The Moon”, are you ready for another cool song?

This song demonstrates the great creativity of this band. Electric Highs love to experiment and always do so while maintaining great taste and enviable refinement.

When you sit down to listen to their songs is like sitting in a top-level restaurant and the chef comes out always offering refined dishes paying attention to every little detail, but these culinary works always have something that makes them irreverent, unique and courageous just like the songs of this talented band.

These guys know music and love rock and frankly, they should be known all over the world.

This song, in some passages, reminded me of the Radiohead like when they sing “Moon” insistently and when that acid and chaotic effect comes out, like at the end of Karma Police …. absolutely fantastic.

This band is one of the most beautiful discoveries I have made and they reconfirm themselves with each new song.

Populate The Moon is Electric High’s Single Out Now!

Magical and Incredible!


Populate the Moon takes us on a whole different trip. The pulse of a heartbeat and a sneaky, strolling bass line gives the song a quiet start, before an intense vocal leads us through the verse. The song explodes into a thumping pre-chorus, before the powerful refrain suggests we should be looking for a better place to swoon, and populate the moon.

Find Electric High Here:


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