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Psychic Radio is The Bellwethers’ Single

Good Day Noir Family,
The Bellwethers are on a mission and they continue to compose cool songs at a fast pace.

Psychic Radio is The Bellwethers’ Single

The futuristic/Sci-fi vibe of this track mesmerized me.

A sound that in some moments reminded me of Tears for Fears and in others Collective Soul, but The Bellwethers manages to be more modern than the aforementioned bands.

Somehow this song opens your third eye and makes you see a new reality. Your neurons are activated by this sound and stimulate oneiric visions.

The effect applied to the vocals is ethereal and goes well with the dark nuances of the music.

Psychic Radio is an epic journey into the cosmos in search of parallel dimensions and in search of ourselves. You must listen to this tune with your eyes closed and abandon yourself to the universal energy that surrounds us.

Another great song from a band that never disappoints.

Psychic Radio is The Bellwethers’ Single Out Now!


Psychic Radio is The Bellwethers’ Single

Phoenix, like the mythological bird, has seen many bands born and reborn in the desert valley. The Bellwethers rose from the ashes of musical acts stretching back to the east coast and all the way to the west. They are on a journey to quench the musical thirst of their desert hometown and beyond. Combining the dark and light lyrical alchemy of lead singers Fran Scianna and KZ with the alt-rock and blues guitar sorcery of Bill Stimson and the tribal, soul moving beats and rhythm of Corey Plueard and Dan Scianna, The Bellwethers create a sonic spell book that captivates and entrances audiences small and large.

With their upcoming release, Psychic Radio, the band journeys to the cosmos, rewinds time, peers through the looking glass for redemption and pierces the veil to send a message into the unknown. Working with GRAMMY-award winning Producer and Engineer, Andrew Coleman, the band continues to add to their sonic cauldron.

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