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Puffy Head is Powers of the Monk’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Powers of the Monk blast off into the cosmos with their latest single, “Puffy Head.”

Puffy Head is Powers of the Monk’s Single Out Now

It’s a musical journey fueled by ethereal vibes and a spirit of uninhibited creativity.

The song opens with a sense of weightlessness, pulling the listener into a swirling vortex of sound. The vocals, sly and infectious, slither through the mix, adding a playful yet hypnotic layer.

There’s an undeniable joy radiating from the music, a feeling that Powers of the Monk are having a blast crafting their own sonic universe.

This track is an alternative rock with its feet firmly planted in the cosmos. The liberal use of reverb creates a sprawling sonic landscape, transporting the listener to a celestial soundscape.

The melody is an earworm, burrowing into your brain and refusing to leave. “Puffy Head” is a trip in the best sense of the word, a voyage of discovery.

Powers of the Monk have established themselves as a band unafraid to push boundaries.

Puffy Head is Powers of the Monk’s Single Out Now!


Powers of the Monk is a band from Detroit, Michigan, consisting of original members Detroit Monk and Pontiac Powers. The band was originally formed in 2006 and put on hiatus in 2009. Now they have returned with new music and a new direction.

This is a fun song about astronauts conquering space. They use the term, “Puffy Head With Bird Legs” to explain the effects of space travel on the human body and we turned that into a dreaming sequence of adventures in space, complete with alien encounters.”

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