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Queen of the Monsters is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
Sunset the Machine’s single “Queen of the Monsters” crashes over you like an avalanche, delivering a heavy and epic sonic experience that draws inspiration from the legendary rock of the 80s.

Queen of the Monsters is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now

The distorted guitars are a prominent force, contributing to the overall weight and grandeur of the sound.

The vocalist’s delivery, at times reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne, adds a touch of classic rock nostalgia to the mix.

It’s evident that the members of Sunset the Machine bring a wealth of experience to their music, as their performance exudes confidence and mastery.

The band’s alchemy is truly enviable, and it shines through in the cohesive and powerful nature of their sound. The musicians seem to operate in perfect synchronicity, creating a sonic landscape that feels both familiar and freshly invigorated.

A particularly noteworthy element is the bridge featuring a Talk box effect, adding an unexpected and intriguing layer to the composition.

This choice showcases the band’s fearlessness in following their instincts and willingness to surprise listeners with bold and creative intuitions.

The production of “Queen of the Monsters” is solid, providing a robust foundation for the band’s dynamic and potent sound.

The attention to detail in the production enhances the overall listening experience, allowing each element to shine without overpowering the others.

Overall, Sunset the Machine proves that they are a force to be reckoned with in the realm of heavy, epic rock.

Queen of the Monsters is Sunset the Machine’s Single Out Now!


Members of Portland, Oregon’s ‘Sunset the Machine’ started hammering out riffs together in 2018. Blending together influences from hard rock/metal to punk and even elements of trippy space rock, Sunset the Machine have worked out enough material for a full length album which was promptly recorded last summer at Sisterly Silence Studios in Portland. For the last year, they have taken their high energy set of songs to the stage, hitting several venues around the Northwest and have since developed a continuously growing local fanbase.

Sunset the Machine’s debut titled ‘First Contact’ has a planned release later this year/early next year, and the band are currently in the process of putting together regional tours starting in spring of 2024 extending their reach out to other states and roping in new fans along the way. ‘First Contact’ gives great hope to further development with every future release that will surely keep their momentum going for years to come.

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