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Quiet One is Ask Carol’s Single Out Now

Good Day Noir Family,
I am excited every time I hear that there is a new Ask Carol’s song, so today is a good day for me 🙂

Are you ready for an ancestral and enigmatic journey? This fantastic song literally made me fly.

Carol’s voice is exceptionally full of passion, and her interpretation gives goosebumps … what are we talking about? Why aren’t Ask Carol at Coachella now?

This band deserves to be known all over the world, their style is solid and mature and all their songs are fantastic, Quiet One especially because it has nostalgic overtones and a magical emphasis.

These guys are very talented and I will never stop saying it, I like everything about their music and their artistic and musical vision is fantastic.

Few bands always manage to raise the bar but for Ask Carol not even the sky is the limit.

Quiet One is Ask Carol’s Single Out Now!



Quote: “Ever had the feeling that nobody understands you? That people think they know you, but they really don’t? Like the outsider kid in the school yard, misunderstood and insecure. The Quiet One…? Maybe even with a secret crush you dare not tell.

With a haunting, melancholic vibe and a catchy melody, this cinematic, guitar filled, unconventional love song, is a mix of dark alternative pop and dreamy indie rock. Carol’s intimate, yet dynamic vocal, draws you in. It’s almost like Lana Del Rey meets a garage-ier Twenty One Pilots. The second single from the upcoming debut album.


Find Ask Carol Here:


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